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Are you looking to kickstart your career as a Tableau developer?

Are you a fresher with non-tech background and looking up for a high paying skill?

Are you interested to be a Data Analyst or Scientist but don’t have any prior coding language?

Are you fed up with your job and looking for a career transition?

Are you a non-tech professional with no-coding experience and looking up for a career in IT?

Are you someone with basic Tableau skills and want to take your them to next professional level?

If yes, you are at perfect place

We don’t believe in rote and theoretical learning. Fed up by the number of useless and non-practical courses on Tableau available on the internet we decided to launch our Scenario-Based Learning Tableau Program. Rather than theoretical chapters and concepts, we have modules based on different Scenarios, empowering professionals like you in understanding and solving real-time requirements of the industry and becoming equivalent to 4yrs+ experienced Tableau Developer.

We are offering two weeks of our 3 months of PAID Training Program for FREE. Perfect place to jump-start your career in IT or Data. No prior experience is required.

What you are going to learn?

  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Products in Tableau
  • Data Types in Tableau and SQL
  • Data Connection-Live, Extract
  • Dimensions and Measures
  • Parts of Tableau View
  • Building the basics
  • Understanding the granularities and its effect on Tableau
  • Multiple Dimensions and measures in view
  • Types of axis and their use cases
  • Blended Axis
  • Dual Axis
  • Individual Axis
  • Building Maps and Understanding Geographic Analysis, Custom Geo Coding
  • edit location in maps
  • Data source filters and extract filters
  • Data filters
  • Context Filtering and its are of implementation
  • Parameters
  • Quick filters
  • Filter sharing options
  • What are sets and their implementations
  • Binning the measures
  • Groups the data
  • Heirarches
  • Function in Tableau 
  • Number function
  • String functon
  • Data function
  • Type function conversion
  • Logical Function
  • Aggregation Function
  • Basic calculations
  • Cascading Filters
  • Understanding window calculations in Tableau
  • Tableau Calculation Function
  • Type of Table calculations
  • Manual table calculations
  • Addressing field and partitioning field
  • Filtering using table calculations
  • Basic Charts in Show Me and Marks card
  • Shapes
  • Advanced charts
  • Background images in Tableau
  • Page shelf and animations
  • Sorting data in tableau 
  • Actions
  • Filter Actions
  • Highligh Actions
  • Format Options 
  • URL Action
  • Set Action
  • Parameter actions
  • Dashboards
  • Level of details
  • Relationships in Tableau and its implementation
  • 8 R’s of Relationship
  • Join in SQL and Tableau
  • Basics of Data blending
  • Issues with data blending and solutions
  • Advanced Calculations
  • Period over period to data calculations
  • Regular Expressions in Tableau
  • Reference Types
  • Reference Lines
  • Reference Band
  • Reference Distribution
  • Box Plot
  • Oder of operations
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Forecasting the data
  • Trend lines
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Preparation

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Meet Our Instructors

Hey There, I am Rajeswar Rayapati, Founder at Rayapati Analytics

With his expertise in Tableau, our Data Wizard, Mr Rajeshwar has spent over 7 years working on projects involving Tableau. With his unique flavour of scenario-based tableau training, he loves to spread awareness helping students apply concepts to real-world scenarios. 

Rajeswar Rayapati

Hey There, I am Kalpana Rayapati, first-gen Tableau Developer

Being a first-generation Tableau Developer, Ms Kalpana has over 10 years of work experience as a Tableau Developer. She specialises in helping students get hands-on experience in different features of Tableau, especially focusing on the Data Visualization aspect.

Kalpana Rayapati

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Scenario-Based Tableau Training is an innovative way of teaching Tableau where the focus is on the implementation part of the tool. In Interviews and Real-Time, we always work on Scenarios that will ultimately build the Dashboards. So, we focus on the Scenarios to make you ready for the real-time work.

In Tableau, A dashboard is made of Views and each view is a pictorial or textual representation of the Data. In short, each view is a scenario and that is what we focus on in this training

Nothing!!! Tableau is just based on logic. So if you are good with Logic Or you can work till you crack the logic, then you can master Tableau very easily.

The duration of the Course is 3 months. Every topic and its implementation is discussed in detail so that you will have a deeper understanding of Tableau features and what can we achieve using these features in your real-time.

The duration of the Course is 3 months. Every topic and its implementation is discussed in detail so that you will have a deeper understanding of Tableau features and what can we achieve using these features in your real-time.

My batches consist of people from various backgrounds like Central Govt Employees, Sales and Marketing people, freshers, Novices to IT industry, people working in cross or parallel technologies, working Tableau developers who want to understand it better, and more. In short, Tableau is for one and all who want to master it.

It is a mix of both. Theoretical Concepts are provided as Self Paced videos and Doubts and Scenarios are discussed in the live sessions. Along with that, recording of live sessions is also provided for you to go through again at a later point in time.

Yes. Within 24 hours of the session, a recording of the live sessions is provided

Yes, you will be added to a Telegram group where all the people who I trained will be present including me and we collectively try to solve it. If it is not addressable in the group, we can discuss it in Monthly Tableau Doubts Sessions.

Yes. SQL + Tableau is a common requirement for jobs nowadays. We provide a video of SQL required for Tableau which you can go through and ask us if you have any doubts.

Yes. Tableau is based on logic. No coding no scripting required. So anyone and everyone can learn it, master it and enter the IT industry.

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